A Short Letter to my Inner Woman-Self

Self awareness and perseverance are key components to lead a successful life.


Woman in me,

Rachita- come out of darkness, to find your own sunshine. Dear woman, you are amazing, don’t lose yourself in trying to impress others. You are a heroine, you don’t need to be a hero. You don’t need to do things like a man, do it like a woman. You are as strong, powerful, adamant and determined as anyone else. You have to set bars for yourself, your gender can never define limits of your efforts and hard work, abilities and capabilities. Don’t let people define your strength by calling you the man of the house, be a proud and strong woman of the house! Always fight for your passion and your dreams.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

Live life as it comes, you don’t need to hide these scars or escape behind. Your scars and struggles make you more beautiful. All those hard times have made you a better, smarter and wiser person. Accept them, let them be healed but never forget them. Channelize your emotions, channelize them into strength, focus and determination. It is okay for you to be bossy or aggressive. No one is judging you. Okay yes everyone will judge you.

But remember it is your choice if you want to be called only pretty or you want to be called forceful, fire, wild, gentle, strong, powerful, aggressive intense or vigorous. It is you who will decide what you want to be. Just don’t be pretty because everyone wants you to be. Be what you want to be, strive harder than everyone else to justify your worth to yourself. A beautiful woman isn’t only the one who is pretty but it also means having strength, elegance, sacrifice, love, empathy, confidence, passion, tenacity, patience and determination. You are deep and eternal. Live your woman-hood. Help other women grow. Turn down every one who judges you. Break the stereotypes. Be strong, be happy and be YOU.

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When there won’t be anyone to hold your hand and push you forward in life and you will be missing all the encouragement, purpose and motivation in life, just be sure, I am here. You have been always the most beautiful woman for me. I respect your decisions, had always and will always. I appreciate the strength you have and struggles that you have been through. I can see those scars which you hide from the world and embrace close to your heart, trust me, they will heal. When you will feel like you have no more strength left and giving up, remember there is someone to whom you are an epitome of courage, fearlessness and bravery. You are enjoyed by me even when you are wild and at times when you look like the purest, calmest and most serene thing on earth. Your smile is impeccable. Your strength to face all the challenges and even after all these scars, holding your held high and loving life, is remarkable. Woman, you have taught me how to love life, learn from mistakes and let go. Remember the time when you taught me that this is just a phase, it shall pass too. I adore you and admire you. I love you the way no one can. You can count on me till eternity. I deeply and wildly love you. This is me- ‘yourself’. I approve of you, that’s only what matters. Don’t seek approval from outside. Within you is the potential to reach sky. Stay happy because you deserve to. Spread happiness and kindness, that is the purpose. And always always remember, you will never be alone. You will be always loved and respected.

Letter to Self Rachita Sharma

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“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” — Ayn Rand

– A letter to myself, from myself!



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Run The Right Race: Be An Outlier!

We are all running in a race that we may even don’t want to participate in. The maximum competition is in the middle or so called being an average. There are just 1% of people at the top.


As I read somewhere- The whole competition is in the middle and the bottom. Everyone in this rat race has confined their limits and are stuck in rat race. So let’s just imagine a race. How many winners are there? One. Right. How many people are not winning? Rest everyone except THE ONE. Correct!
That’s how it goes with life. We are all running in a race that we may even not want to participate in. The maximum competition is in the middle or so called being an average. There are just 1% of people at the top. That is where the least competition is because they realized their calling, they ran in the right race. They are OUTLIERS!


                                                       Picture Credit: womafromindia

Let’s not run meaninglessly and lose our identity to masses. My favorite teacher from history best said: You ask me to say what is particularly important to avoid. My answer is this: a mass crowd~ Seneca [4 BC- 65 AD]. As whatever you are, don’t be the mass. To achieve great things in life, you have to make greater sacrifices, choices, decisions and of course failures. Run in a race you want to win, not because others are running so you also have to. Read good books, surround yourselves with people you wish to be like. We are an average of 5 people we surround ourselves with. But at the same time it is also important to understand that those 5 people shouldn’t necessarily be the smartest with high IQs. Instead, they should complement each  others skill-set. For instance, if one of them is pretty good with numbers, another one should be good with emotions. You want to be the average of them, meaning average of all the qualities you need to be successful in life- humility, intelligence, emotional intelligence, relentlessness, patience, kindness, people skills, technical skills, carefree, diligence etc. It is always a two way road- “In teaching we learn and in learning we teach”.

Life is too short to repeat mistakes and not practice lessons learned. Seize every opportunity. Right time, right action makes a lot of difference. Time is precious. Put good amount of time in anything and results will never disappoint you. But remember, once you have decided to do something, put your all in. There is no turning back.Great Wall of China wasn’t built in a day, but once it was- everyone will forever talk about the legacy. You are building a Great Wall of China for yourself and that is never going to happen in a day. So breathe, think and get started- to go on like a river. And when you are tired, stop and look around but don’t be distracted. Think about why you started it at the first place. The easiest way to lose is to give up.

Remember, you have got your own race to win!

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A New Start

Rachita Sharma, Co- Founder of Girl Power Talk and CMO at Blue Ocean Global Technology.

This New Year I promise myself to be more free and more intense at the same time. I commit to let nothing make me feel devalued or inferior, no filter or covers to hide my real self. I am a wild tigress, wanderess, fearless and fierce. I am calm, deep, patient and still. My only regrets will be when I overlook my intuitions and let others decide for me. I have the fire within that can eradicate the darkness miles apart, I have the intensity to force destiny reshape itself. I am what I believe myself to be. This New Year, I promise to love myself and share the love with others. We can not share the love with world that we don’t have for our self. I complete myself, I validate and approve myself. I will strive hard to be a better version of myself because I want to be ME and not someone else. Learning is an ongoing process and I will learn to grow and grow while learning. I am proud and content with my color, shape, weaknesses and strengths. If I can be anyone, I will be free me.

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To all the wonderful beings reading this, you are beautiful. I love you and so does the universe because you love yourself. I wish for you to be grateful and know yourself a little more this year. I am headed to this crazy and wonderful journey to explore myself and cherish my existence. Hope you will join me🎆🌄🔭😊🌀💘📚🎈🎨🎻🌴💌💐 #happiness #journey #selfawareness #instalove #instathought#instagyaan #freedom #instapic #travel#wanderlust #beautifulpeople #girlpowertalk #rachitasharma #womanwmpowerment